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Wonderland Adventures

March 23, 2007
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The story based puzzle game wonderland has launched their latest update, “Wonderland Adventures”. Previous games in this series were played on a single board with levels played in sequence .The new Wonderland Adventures changes all this by adding non player characters (NPC) that you interact with and the new layout “over world”. This upgrade is great progression to the original series and changes many aspects of the game considerably, making the game an “adventure” as it claims in the title.

The story unfolds in a decent pace where there is also a nice story line. Puzzles are logical and generally kept in tie with the story. The new Wonderland Adventures certainly looks like an RPG game where you will meet events like boss style fights (Final Fantasy / Zelda type games) without the fighting though. The graphics certainly are one step ahead of the previous series with more dimensions but still the characters design look the same. The menus still has room for improvement though and the funny thing is that when talking to NPC’s there is white text on a white back ground which is difficult to read. Wonderland Adventures is great fun and kids will surely love this.

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Kids Game System Demands

To begin with the game you will require an Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 main system. Make sure your Home pc for installed DirectX 6.0 or later. 600 Mhz cpu would be sufficient to enjoy this game. Your computer will need to have as a minimum 128Mb Ram memory. You must have not less than 65 Mbytes of disk drive space freed up and available for the installation and operation of the computer game for kids - you may need more drive room if you put in more than just one game, but also the drive space requirement will not definitely become a multiple of 65 Mbytes due to the use of typical code components among all the computer games for kids.

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