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Wonder Pets Save the Puppy

November 6, 2007
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Wonder Pets save the puppy is a game for the children of age group 3 - 5. The game is about saving a puppy whose owners are not at home. The aim of the game is to get the puppy out of the house in time to pee. The wonder pets assist the children in getting the puppy out of the house. The Wonder pets are a duck, a mouse and a turtle which help the kids. The wonder pets guide the kids by giving out instructions and asking the kids to choose the correct color of the bone, to select the correct shape and size.

The first step of the game is to make the puppy come out of the house. The wonder kids suggest a strategy to get the kid out by placing bones according to the color and in a specific order like one green and two red bones till the door which makes the puppy to come out and do its business. Once this is completed the wonder pets and kids can play with the puppy in the backyard. The kids can clean the puppy when it gets dirty with the help of the wonder pets. The game helps the kids to develop shape identification, memory skills, counting, color recognition, size recognition, and hand-eye coordination.

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Kids Game System Demands

To get started on the game you will need an Windows XP/Vista/7 os. 600 Mhz cpu is sufficient to relax and play this game. The overall game requires a bit of Ram memory: 256Mb. Ensure your Personal computer for installed DirectX 7.0 or later. You need to have as a minimum 46 Mbytes of harddisk storage space freed up and available for the installation and operation of the kids game - you may require extra drive room if you add extra than one game, however the hdd storage space requirement will not always be a multiple of 46 Mbytes as a result of use of usual program code modules among lots of the kids games.

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