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The Sims Carnival BumperBlast

February 6, 2008
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For this upcoming Christmas, EA games have given an early Christmas present by introducing a new casual game called “Sims Carnival Bumper Blast”. Certainly most players have played and loved the Sims series and might think this new game has the same design of the old Sims, wrong!

If players think that Sims Carnival Bumper Blast is the new building game, then you’ve got the wrong idea. This new game will require players to build but it is totally different from the old games. The new attractions are quite like a pinball game design adding to that, EA have designed a puzzle interface so players need not just to build, but actually have to solve as the game goes on.

Wondering through the game, players have to blast away using the sliding bumpers, players also must use their own technique to clear out the entire Sims bumper, also avoiding traps especially black holes. Players also need to master the art of shooting skills, work on their own combination and saving up bonuses. After clearing certain stages of the game players can win up to twenty four trophies, that’s if the player can master the two styles of game play. All together there are more than one hundred and forty levels, that’s certainly a good challenge for everyone.

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Kids Game System Demands

For convenient gameplay you've just got a processor chip with 1.0 GHz. For this game, more than 256Mb of ram memory required. On your computer, you need to have Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Make sure the System for installed DirectX 7.0 or newer. You will need approximately 46 Mbytes of hard drive space freed up and available for the installation and functioning for this computer game for kids - you may require more harddisk room if you put in more than single game, but the hard disk space requirement will not necessarily become a multiple of 46 Megabytes as a result of use of common computer code modules among many of the kids games.

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