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Ravensburger Puzzle Selection

October 13, 2011
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Solve a Ravensburger Puzzle in this amazing Puzzle game! Choose from tons of beautiful puzzle pictures featuring famous landmarks, landscapes, and artworks! A multitude of challenging game modes, unlockable achievements, and an intuitive help system make puzzling even more enjoyable. Play alone or with family and friends! It's puzzling fun for everyone, from beginner to advanced puzzle enthusiast.

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You can Buy it for only $6.99! Also you may download sample version for FREE
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Kids Game System Demands

Your pc just must have Windows XP/Vista as its main system. This game demands a minimal bit Ram memory: 256Mb. Ensure your Laptop or computer for working DirectX 9.0 or newer. 800 Mhz processor chip could be enough to enjoy the game. The game surely is not very big. At the computer you have, it takes a maximum of 160 Mbytes. The game has only modest computer system demands. Compared with a lot of other games, you don't really need the modern, greatest, and most pricy hardware in order to have fun with this game.

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For older children, pay attention to more complex games

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