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Little Things Forever

August 14, 2012
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this game is the sequel to the unique and beautiful seek and find game, Little Things. Search colorful patchworks built from hundreds of little things. Over a hundred puzzle pieces to collect and solve. Each time you play you'll be presented with a new list of things to find meaning you can keep playing... forever!

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You can Buy it for only $6.99! Also you may download sample version for FREE
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Kids Game System Demands

This game uses a some RAM: 512Mb. On your computer, you need to have Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7. The central processor is fine enough for this game should be 1.0 GHz. Make sure that your Personal computer for installed DirectX 9.0 or later. Along with these tiny demands, the video game will only claim 101 mb on the computer's harddisk storage space. So do not be nervous if your personal computer isn't very new; this computer game shall function perfectly well on elder computers and does not max out your Processor or decline your computer to the point where the game is not enjoyable, like other sorts of video games do!

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