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Frogs in Love

April 14, 2009
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In the olden days, princes had to do various tasks and win in contests and competitions, so that they can conquer the hearts of their lovely princesses. Only after emerging as the winner, could they ask for the hand of their beloved princess in marriage. The computer game “FROGS IN LOVE“deals with the same theme of winning the game to win over a princess. But here the princess is not a girl. Jasmine is the lovely frog princess, who has to be won over by the player.

Embark on a romantic journey to reach the final destination of the prestigious Flower festival. Many mini games welcome the player and points earned as coins. The mini games are both exciting and hilarious. Hidden object, River Jumping, Skeet Shooting, Treasure hunt, Brain challenges, matching games, dancing games are some of the various mini games available within the Frogs in love game.

The journey to flower festival is made more enjoyable by befriending many funny friendly characters on the way. There are a total of 106 challenging levels. Frogs in love is a complete family entertainer. It is very much addicting for the players and many hours can be spent in playing and enjoying this game.

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Kids Game System Demands

For the game, as a minimum 256Mb of memory space demanded. The game uses visual effects, determined by the library DirectX 8.0. For your p . c . system's hardware, your computer must be running at a minimum a 1.0 GHz processor. On your personal computer, you will need Windows XP/Vista/7. Its not necessary to clean up the hard drive from some other programs. 45 of free storage space is enough.

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