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Bob the Builder - Can Do Zoo

January 1, 2008
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Animals are on a loose and the delivery train has also come to the town, dropping off all of the animals for the Bobland Bay Zoo. But Bobland Bay Zoo does not exist anymore. Alligators now live in pool, monkeys are now into the school playground and the lion is in charge of the Mayor’s office! Player has to work hard along with Bob and his Can-Do Crew to get the zoo built as soon as possible and make homes for all the animals. Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo is a mixture of education and fun that allows kids to be creative and get more familiar with the computer. Building achievements will earn them stickers and they can use those to design own scenes in bonus sticker book mode, which has been added for encouraging kids to play again and again.

The game's features include 7 unique learning games, 3 individual skill modes, 2 game play modes (Story and free play), Over 100 stickers to collect for Bonus sticker book mode, clips and real voice talent from the hit TV show and game plays in English and Spanish as well. The skills that the game concentrates to teach the kids are inclusive of, Pattern Recognition Problem solving, Fine Motor Skills, Object Classification, Shape and Color Identification, Spatial Recognition , Problem Solving, Planning and Time Sequencing, and Object Classification. The game in overall is very educating and fun for the children.

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You can Buy it for only $6.99! Also you may download sample version for FREE
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Kids Game System Demands

For the game, more than 128Mb of ram demanded. Make sure that your computer have a processor speed of at least 600 Mhz. On your computer, you will need Windows Vista/7. Examine your System for installed DirectX 6.0 or newer. Together with these simple requirements, the game will only get 53 Mbytes of the computer's hard disc drive storage space. This video game has only not so big system demands. Compared with many computer games, you don't really need the latest, greatest, and most expensive parts in order to have fun with the game.

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