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Animal Genius

September 16, 2009
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Animal Genius is a computer game for kids that makes sure you have fun when you learn. The game begins with five empty habitats: arctic, grasslands, ocean, rainforest and woodlands. The player needs to put all of the animals in their right habitat. Each of the habitats is shown in a small circle and the players are encouraged to choose one to start the game. When the players select one habitat, they can see the animal they can earn and the number of points they need to win it. As the game pushes off, players need to participate in four games to earn the points. After exploring one, the players go on to other habitats.

In the games, players need to sort the animals by attributes, match animals based on their traits, help an animal to eat and avoid attacks from the predators and find out hidden animals. The games include Scratch & See, Maze Munch, Matchomatic, Feature Finder and an animal alert game. Once the players gather all points by choosing which of the four games they want to play, they need to answer 10 questions within a time limit before they win the animal for the habitat. The graphics and sounds are alluring enough for the kids. Animal Genius stands out from other children's games as it helps them to learn about animals.

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Kids Game System Demands

The overall game makes use of graphic effects, dependant upon the library DirectX 7.1. The game requires a bit of RAM: 128Mb. On your personal computer, you must have Windows XP/Vista/7. Make sure that your home pc has a processor velocity of at least 800 Mhz. Together with these minimal demands, the video game will get 184 megabytes of the computer's disk drive space.

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